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In a perfect world there would be no need for religion.  Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world.  -Stian


E.X.I.T. Religion - A continuous work in progress 
(Every Xenophobic Ideology is Troubled)

      Ancient hermetic writings concur with modern scientific theory about the nature of our universe.  The mystics of old wrote that the universe is a mind or consciousness.  Scientists today say that the universe behaves like a computer program.  This is wonderful news for us in EXIT because it's a perfect starting point into our new fellowship.
Rarely in life do we get a confirmation of a universal truth.  This is one of the reasons there are so many religions on this planet.  If there was proof of any one religion's beliefs there would be only that religion and you would either believe the proof and be a follower or you would be a crazy person.
      EXIT will be the new religion for those who are leery of religions.  We will take from all religions because they all have at least one component right.  What most have wrong is thinking that they are the complete answer to life and the afterlife.  We at EXIT know that we do not have the complete answer.  In this way we will continue to grow and remain flexible.  Everything that we can observe in this universe has movement.  Nothing is stagnant so why should our beliefs and our God be?
     We will borrow traditions from all the major religions of the world but not be dogmatically bound by any rules that we create along the way because our guidelines will be subject to change as needed.  The heart of EXIT MUST remain flexible.  The continued goal shall be the pursuit of knowledge and truth but not at the expense of joy.  What millions of devout people around the world do not understand is that it is the coming together in fellowship that is giving them that spiritual lift each week.  Sports fans know this subconsciously.  
      We will take this spiritual lift to the next level by the act of listening to each other.  We will take turns sharing around the room, not unlike a support group would do.  This way we invest in each other emotionally and hopefully everyone goes away feeling heard, supported and with a renewed sense of community.  There is no reason why we can not carry this on no matter how big we get.  We will divide up into how ever many groups are needed so that everyone gets there 3 to 5 minutes.  Time allotted for sharing would depend on the structure of that particular meeting.  Although no one should share beyond 5 min while in 'group' because that would be selfish.  There is always someone who will be trying to save money on real therapy.  That person needs to get professional help first before they can be a supportive member of our fellowship.  Remember, people should leave uplifted and not bummed out by someone telling all about their terrible luck.  An uplifted fellowship will tend to make its own luck.  Progress not perfection.  

-We take responsibility for ourselves and strive toward betterment.
-We strive to help and support our fellow members and to be less selfish in all things.
-We strive to remain flexible and joyous in mind body and spirit.   
-We strive to understand the truth about what god is and was and the universe as a whole.  
-We will brazenly borrow what works from any religion, ideology or group.
-We will avoid any dogma that is fear based and we will maintain our critical thinking process in all things of this world.  
-We will be vigilant against superstition and hearsay.
-We endeavor to find the truth that does not care if we believe in it or not.  The truth that is.  
-We will remain open minded toward possibilities yet proven.
-We will be known as helpful and peaceful in our communities.  

   Meetings to be structured roughly like this:
Reading of our preamble, our truths and short meeting structure description. 
There will be a time allotted for the whole room to be addressed by the minister.
Then an uplifting/inspiring song or poetry reading. (Lots of flexibility here)
And then we will break up into smaller groups if there is a large turnout.  Everyone will get a chance to tell their truth in a round robin fashion in the small groups. Newbs will be offered a printout with suggestions on how best to be a supportive church member.
Finally when allotted time is up the whole congregation comes back together for the serenity prayer.  The meeting is now over but everyone is invited to stay for a sing along, drum circle or jam session that can go on as long as it wants to or until the meeting place has to be closed up.  All depending on the venue of course.
Sermon ideas:
*True or not? ‘God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.’

*Why we don't have any 'parting of the seas' these days. 

*Why are we so afraid of making mistakes and admitting it when we do?

*How is it possible that we are the only intelligent life in the universe?

*Science and religion can co-exist.



Want to talk more about this new religion?  Have some ideas or someting to add to this ever flexible movement for peace and happiness?  




Misc. notes below:

The 10 suggestions:
1. If you're a substance abuser please seek out our brothers and sisters in the twelve step circles before coming to EXIT.  We will gladly point you in the right direction.  Please come back after a year of sobriety.  Think of EXIT as your recovery graduate program.

2. To be written. 

3. Etc.

4. Etc.  (will need some help writing these) 


Kind of a cross between church, group therapy, a focus group and a drum circle.  

The birth of this religion is 12/22/15 The winter solstice.  
The Solstice is a great day for yearly reflection.